Infection control and cross contamination

It is very important you wash your hands thoroughly and properly before leaving the soiled sorting area to reduce the amount of micro-organisms that live on your hands.

If micro-organisms spread to you or other people they could cause nasty infections and in some cases, even death. Hand hygiene is the responsibility of everyone. Just because your hands might look clean (even after wearing gloves), they are not.

Gloves should be used to protect you from germs and infections and sharp objects. They are not a substitute for washing your hands. Cuts and scratches should be covered, wounds must be kept clean and it is important not to pick any sores. Remind others to wash their hands too and stay healthy.

Cross contamination is when bacteria and germs spread from a contaminated surface to a non contaminated surface. Bacteria and germs can come from people, work surfaces, equipment and food.

Wash your hands before entering and leaving the soiled linen area.

Last modified: Tuesday, 24 November 2020, 10:00 PM