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The simplicity of the learning material, as well as the clear messages embedded in the online content, will inform and educate users about potential hazards outlined in this course. The learning material covers methods to help reduce risks which are common throughout the  Laundry Industry. Many rules and regulations are state-based whilst there recently has been a harmonising of certain laws this site links to South Australian legislation and you may need to check your own state laws. Particular emphasis has been made to manual handling and spontaneous combustion which feature in all categories.

All materials and learning on this site are currently free of charge we only ask that you register a free account. No Credit card details or payments will be asked for.

This course gives the learner the confidence to implement risk-reducing strategies within the workplace. It is designed to help workers overcome the resistance of changing dangerous work practices that may have been unsafe. We appreciate English may not be the first students  language and a translation module is available to the right


benefits include learning safe work practices within the Laundry Industry from a remote location and at any time of day or night. We have tried to make learning fun and engaging.  Students have the ability to repeat the learning exercises and materials as many times as they want without feeling pressured or anxious. We have paid special emphasis to manual handling and spontaneous combustion which we know is a major problem for the industry.

Assessment & Certificate

The assessment and certificate can be completed at any time (even multiple times) after reviewing the learning content to embed knowledge and demonstrate competency.

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